The Best Acronyms To Help Structure Your English

The Best Acronyms To Help Structure Your English

Structure is very important to help you to communicate effectively in English. To help structure our English writing and speaking we use many acronyms. Therefore, we have written this article to show you some of the best acronyms to help structure your English.

The Best Acronyms To Help Structure Your English



About PEE

PEE is taught in schools and Universities in the United Kingdom to help students structure and present arguments clearly. Moreover, It can be useful to use PEE in essay writing. In addition, it can also be used to help students structure speaking presentations and informative emails. You can also use PEE in your writing assignments on our platform. Always remember to PEE!

How to Use

Point This is where you introduce the point you are trying to make.
Evidence – Here you include evidence or facts to support your point.
Explain – Explain how your evidence backs up your point and wins your argument.


In Japan, there is a lot of work to do to improve the level of Business English within organizations.
In a study by it was found that 82.6% of respondents identified English as the most important skill for the future. Furthermore, 67% of respondents also identified English as the most lacking skill.
This means that even though they realize the importance of English there is still a skills shortage. Additionally their strong work ethic could be holding them back from training, on the other hand, are training budgets being spent on other skills and disciplines?



About FAB

FAB is used in sales and marketing however it can be adapted to many situations like negotiating a pay raise, asking for a career break and much more. We use FAB to help us structure selling points, in addition, it helps us to be more persuasive. Always remember if your product/service is fabulous then use FAB!

How to Use

Feature – This is where you introduce a feature of the product/service.
Advantage – Here you state the advantage of the feature you mentioned.
Benefit – Finally, explain the benefit of the advantage you mentioned


At Learn English Mate in 1:1 Live Classes you will focus primarily on speaking and listening with a Native English Teacher.
The advantage is that you have more time practicing and improving your speaking skills. Along side this, you will also be able to improve your listening skills with a qualified teacher. You will still be able to improve your writing and reading skills in our E-learning classes.
The major benefit is that you will improve your pronunciation as wells as your fluency with Learn English Mate a lot faster.
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Anticipated consequence
Decision making rationale
End result


PARADE is used in interviews to explain prior roles and experiences problem solving. Therefore, It can also be used for reporting to managers and colleagues. Always remember there are 6 points of great problem solving

How to Use

Problem – Here you can talk about what problem you or the company were facing.
Anticipated Consequence – Then you can talk about what would have happened if left unsolved.
Role – Describe what your job and responsibilities were when dealing with the problem.
Action – Explain what you did to help solve the problem.
Decision Making Rationale – Outline what was your motivation for taking the action you took and why.
End Result – Describe the end result.


The restaurant did not have enough staff on the weekend shifts. As there were not enough waiters and chefs. As a result, customers would encounter longer delays and this would not be good for our brand’s customer service standards. In light of this, management gave me the role of allocating staff to weekend shifts, moreover, the management tasked me with recruiting more staff to cover busier shifts.

I spoke to the staff members to find out their availability and reschedule their working days, essentially, we needed to hire staff quickly. Henceforth, I created an employee referral scheme. I thought it was best to see if we could move staff first before recruiting more so I developed a referral scheme as it seemed to be the fastest and cheapest way to find new employees.

To conclude, In just 2 weeks we were able to reallocate staff members and hire 5 more staff members to cover the weekend shifts. Thus, upholding the brands customer service standards of creating a great experience for our diners.



About STAR

STAR is very similar to PARADE however it is just a shorter version. Generally speaking, always remember, to be a star you have to use STAR.

How to Use

Situation – To start with give some background on the problem
Task – Then describe the job you had to do and what was challenging about it
Action – Be specific about what you did to resolve the challenges and get the job done
Results – Remember to discuss the beneficial impacts that your action had


Mission (X2)
Any questions
Check understanding


SMEAC is mainly used by the military to give orders, there are many variations of this acronym. Such as Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, and Communication Plan. It is also known as the five paragraph order. Additionally, It can also be adapted and used in both the workplace and in business leadership.

How to Use

Situation – This is where you introduce the situation, what is currently happening
Mission x2 – Here you outline the mission remember to mention it twice (x2)
Execution – Here you explain the plan, how you will complete the mission.
Any questions – Ask the team members if they have any questions
Check understanding – Remember to ask concept checking questions and Instruction checking questions.


There has been a hurricane which has devastated a local town.
All things considered, our mission is to provide water, food and medical supplies to the local population.
Due to heavy rain, we are not sure if we can deliver the supplies by road, therefore, we will use helicopters.
Initially, Team A you will fly in Helicopter Alpha, alongside, Team B, Team B you will fly in Helicopter Bravo.
, Team A you will drop your supplies at 09:00 hours at Drop Zone Zulu. And then, Team B you will drop your supplies at Drop Zone Hotel at 21:00 hours. In conclusion, Does anyone have any questions?
Finally, Can you tell me, what drop zone Team A will use to drop the supplies? What time will Team B make their drop?