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What Are The Differences Between The Past Simple And The Present Perfect?

It is really important to know what are the differences between the past simple tense and the present perfect tense because they are both often confused. Furthermore, they are both used in relation to actions and events connected to the past. In this article we aim to highlight the key differences, so you will be able to use both the past simple and the present perfect tense without any difficulties.

How To Book An Appointment With Anyone in English

It’s true that over the years, telephones, emails and now smartphones have changed the way that we communicate with each other. When you really want to connect with another person, however, for professional or personal reasons, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. In order to do that, you have to first make an appointment with them. Today we’ll explain to you how to book an appointment with anyone in English.

How To Win Every Job Interview In English

Job interviews are a scary prospect, moreover, they’re even scarier in English when that’s your second language. There is disconnect between cultures, resulting in speakers not being sure what to say in their answers, or even how to act. With so much to worry about, it’s easy to miss important points in your answers, or even focus entirely on the wrong things. This is why we wrote this book: How To Win Every Job Interview In English.

How To Make A Follow-up Call In English

Whether you’re furthering your career in sales or applying for a brand-new job, the follow-up call is going to be an important part of that process. After you have gathered so much courage to make the first call, you might think that the follow-up call would be much easier. In fact, the opposite is true. In today’s blog, we’re focusing on tips to make sure that your follow-up calls are both effective and productive, no matter if you’re making it or receiving it.

The Best Ways To Ask For A Pay Raise

Pay day is everyone’s favorite day. Every week or month we get a salary, which we can use however we want or need. But, what do we do when we feel that salary is no longer enough to cover those needs? At this point, it’s time for a pay raise. Asking for a raise is a terrifying idea for many people. Don’t worry, though. We’ve prepared some ideas on the best, most effective ways to ask for that pay raise.