How To Do A Writing Assignment

How To Do A Writing Assignment

Learn how to write in English and then practice your writing by completing a writing assignment. You can practice answering questions, writing emails, reports and much more. Your writing will be checked by one of our Native English Teachers within 24 hours of submission. You will receive detailed feedback, corrections and guidance to help you become a better English speaker and writer.

1. Sign in to

Firstly, you have to be signed in. Navigate to the ‘sign in‘ page and enter your email and password then hit enter. If you do not have an active plan then you can get one here.

2. Go to a course

Once signed in, you should navigate to a course that you are working on or choose a new course. Here you can choose to do some practice exercises first before doing a writing assignment. This will help you learn new vocabulary and grammar to help you with the writing assignment. in addition, It will also help you to get familiar with the assignment topic.

3. Select Assignment

Next, select a writing assignment, remember to read the question carefully. Make sure you understand what the question is asking you to do.
If you are not sure about what a word means then you can use or the Cambridge dictionary these are the best dictionaries to help you to understand words. You can use Google Translate however only use it to translate one word at a time. It does not work for big paragraphs and please don’t use it for your answers, we want to see your English, not Google’s.

4. Copy & Paste Question

Copy and then paste the question into the answer box of the writing assignment. You can use the question to help you with paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is where we rearrange the question to help us to build our answer. For example: What was your best decision? My best decision was joining Learn English Mate. Here you can see, the question has helped us to form the answer. 3/6 words were used to get our answer started. Remember the opposites though, in this case we have replaced ‘your’ with ‘my’.

5. Write your detailed answer to the question
  • Remember to write a detailed answer, try not to write one sentence. Try to write a paragraph, the more you write the more our Native English Teachers can correct you, give your feedback and help you to improve your English.
  • Use linking words and phrases like transitions and conjunctions. This will help you to connect ideas. For example: moreover, however, because, in addition, nevertheless.
  • Try to use new words and phrases. If you get them wrong, no problem. You can not learn until you do, Just be confident to try new thing and learn from your mistakes.
  • Remember to check spelling, punctuation and grammar before submitting the writing assignment.
6. Native English Teacher Feedback

After submission, our Native English Teachers will give you corrections, feedback and advice. You will receive an email notifying you of the feedback, no more than one day later. They will give you suggestions concerning your vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and writing techniques. This will show you your mistakes and provide examples for you to use their corrections in other writing assignments and in daily life.

After you can choose to book a 1:1 live class with a Native English Teacher to discuss your feedback. You can also have another go at the assignment after receiving corrections, feedback and advice. Our Teachers will also give you suggestions on what topics you should be studying on our app to help you further.

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