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How to Win Every Job Interview: Tips and Tricks for ESL Speakers

Learn what you need to do and say to land your next dream job in a foreign company or English speaking position.

Included In this book:
How to prepare for common questions
How to structure your answers
Best advice to master the self introduction


Daily Success Checklist & Planner For Success Hunters Only!

Keep a record of what you do and learn every day. Write your goals down everyday and any new words and phrases.

Included In this book:
Daily tips to integrate English into your daily life
Tips to immerse in English & accelerate fluency
Tracker to help learn, practice, use & remember


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Engaging Emails: For Professionals

Get all the phrases for meetings, invitations, negotiating etc.

Phrases Included In this book:
Formal & informal emails
Business emails for suppliers & clients
Personal emails, Job applications and reports


Powerful Negotiations
Phrase Book

Negotiations can either be won or lost based on what you say. Get the best phrases so you know you have the best chance of winning.

Included In this book:
Phrases for fact finding
Negotiating and proposing
Closing and Summarizing


The Big Book Of Linking Words

Make life easier, find the right words at the right time. Help your ideas and information flow better and improve your structure.

Included In this book:
24 topics/purposes/situations to use the words. 
Conjunctions & transitional phrases
Sequencing words & prepositions


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